UMUC Stress Discussion

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Week 2 readings address some health changes that can be associated with stress and result in chronic or life-threatening conditions. Individuals cope with events in different ways; for example, someone diagnosed with diabetes may express frustration and anxiety about her condition, indicating emotion-focused coping. Another person may demonstrate problem-focused coping by asking the doctor and a nutritionist what regimen to follow and also begin taking prescribed medication.

You have just been designated a licensed counselor/therapist (by me) and are to contribute to a person’s resources for more positive coping with a health condition. Review one health condition/disease discussed in the readings, then discuss what your general tactics would be in working with a client with cancer, high blood pressure, PTSD, or another condition often connected with stress. You should do some research on the chosen illness via a UMUC library database such as PsycINFO or MEDLINE and include information from these references (in proper APA format) in your response. (Since we are still quite early in the term, I don’t expect your responses to include a thorough delineation of various coping strategies; nevertheless, you should write several paragraphs reflecting the general treatment approach reflected in the literature.) NOTE: Use your imagination here and try to pick a condition that others haven’t picked.

Respond to the postings of at least two of your classmates for full credit.

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