UCLA Diversity and Inclusion Reparations Discussions

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At the core of living ethically is a commitment to treat others as we want to be treated. That means taking seriously the words from Jefferson’s Declaration, that “all are created equal.” Such a commitment forecloses discrimination. More, it means pursuing justice so that current unequal and unjust systems are dismantled and replaced with structures that reflect the equality to which we attest.

However, those with power (e.g., social, economic, political, structural, cultural, etc.) will not naturally yield their position and place to those who, historically, have been disenfranchised. Replacing the unequal with equality requires intentionality.

What does intentionality look like?

Perhaps it is a low-key      agreement among leadership to recruit, train, and employ people identified      with populations that are not represented currently in the organization.

It could require a      purposeful policy of affirmative action.

Or intentionality may mean      adopting a policy of reparations.

  • In this week’s Discussion, dare to consider the case for reparations. Doing so will be challenging. In fact, it may be upsetting. Stepping outside our individual comfort zones almost always requires a willingness to be discomforted, and it typically is a prerequisite for positive social change as well as personal growth. 


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