UCI Week 1 Biology FDA Advisory Case Study

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The referenced hyperlink points the student to a listing of the Drug Safety Communications issued by the FDA over the past several years. From this list, select a topic for your Case Study Analysis. For your topic, first read the advisory as posted by the FDA. For your analysis, provide a summary of events that led the FDA to issue the advisory. Then through your research, determine what, if any, effect the advisory had on consumers. Based upon your research, if you worked for the FDA and were tasked with writing a follow-up advisory, what would you write? Your Case Study analysis must not exceed three (3) double-spaced pages.


2. Read the information contained within the link below. Within the context of this week’s lecture, how would you go about reporting an adverse event from a mistakenly purchased counterfeit medication? What obligatory steps does the FDA need to take once this information is received? 



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