UC Los Angeles Sociology Cultural & Political Opportunities Discussion

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Week 5 Discussion Post – Section 4

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Instructions: Please review the two discussion questions below, provide a response for one of them. Response posts should be 2-3 paragraphs. After you post your response, please reply to a post written by your fellow peers (you can provide more than one reply if you wish). You may have to log on at a later time to post your reply to another student’s post. Please be considerate in your posts and replies.

Week 5 Questions

1) Thinking back to the concepts of cultural opportunities and political opportunities (lecture 6), think of a time when a shift in popular ideas or a shift in power helped make it possible for a troubling condition to be addressed. Provide an overview of the troubling condition, cultural or political opportunity, and the shift after the cultural or political opportunity. Examples can be historical or from current events, from local or international contexts.

2) Design your own audit study to measure labor market issues (see studies in lecture 7). What population(s) would be the focus of your study? What type of labor market sector? What type of instrument (e.g. resumes, matched pairs of people, etc)? What research question would you ask? How would your study be a useful expansion on the studies reviewed in lecture 7?


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