UC Davis Human Trafficking Essay

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In what ways is the “slavery” framework used to draw attention to human trafficking? What are its limitations in understanding human trafficking and developing responses to it today?  How does framing labor exploitation in terms of worker rights provide a different approach?

Draw upon the TED talks by both Bales and Thrupkaew + lectures + the assigned reading for the week.

Name all authors and videos you reference within the text of your essay, with dates of publication.  
Include a Works Cited/Bibliography section at the end of your essay.

How to cite class lectures:
In the text of your essay, indicate that you are citing the lecture. E.g. “In
her lecture on April 14, Professor Ramachandran mentioned….”
In the Works Cited at the end, list: Ramachandran, Vibhuti. Global
Trafficking Spring 2022, (Date) Lecture. 



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