UArizona Global Campus The Evidence Based Process Brianna Case Study

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Brianna Case Study

Brianna, a 22-year-old Asian woman, is seeking counseling for anxiety and depression that she attributes to her problems during her junior year of college. In response to questions about her use of substances, Brianna describes herself as a “social drinker.” Her typical pattern is to consume 3-6 drinks each day, and she drinks 5 times per week. She began drinking regularly (1-2 times per week) and heavily (to intoxication) at the age of 12, usually in the company of an older cousin or school friends. She continued this pattern through high school but cut back during her first two years of college due to lack of money to buy alcohol and more difficult access. During her junior year, Brianna was raped at a party and became pregnant with the perpetrator’s child. She resumed drinking heavily after this incident.

Evidence-Based Process:

Step 1 (Develop a Question): Develop at least 1 question you would like to answer from the Brianna case study. Specifically, ask a question about a potential problem you identified and want to help Brianna alleviate;

Step 2 (Find the Evidence): Find at least two published studies that can help you answer this question (for my review, cut and paste or write out the abstracts of the 2 articles into your essay question). Specifically, find two articles that use an intervention that you believe would help Brianna with her problem;

Step 3 (Analyze the Evidence): Summarize each article and identify which study you believe has a stronger research design and why? Which study do you believe has an intervention that is likely to help Brianna with her problem?;

Step 4 (Combine Evidence w/ your Understanding of Client & Situation): Which pieces of evidence from the 2 articles fits better with Brianna’s case? Which pieces of evidence do not fit well with Brianna’s case? Of the 2 articles, which one has an intervention that you plan to apply to Brianna’s case? Why did you pick this particular one?; and

Step 5 (Application to Practice/Policy): For this step you can “make up” the information. Describe how you would implement this intervention with Brianna?

Video: Evidence-Informed Practice

Video: Evidence-Based Programs

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