UArizona Global Campus Life on Parole Film Response

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Watch the PBS Frontline film – “Life on Parole”. Here is a link:…

If this link does not work, just search for PBS “life on parole’ – it is a free film and runs about 55 mins.

Based on the film, answer the following questions:

1) The film highlights 4 individuals on parole, describe one (pick
one) of the people on parole and describe why they are on parole and
whether they were successful while on parole.

2) Based on the film, what is your understanding of the purpose of
parole (to answer this you want to focus on the 4 goals or philosophies
of punishment or responses to crime we talked about in class.

3) What are some of the challenges of re-entry to formerly
incarcerated people? What are some of the challenges of supervision for
parole officers?

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