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To truly understand personality is to take a critical look at its evolution through the eyes of the early theorists. Their perspectives may not have always aligned, but each contributed something valuable to the ideas people embrace today. Please complete Part I, II, and III of this assignment.

Part I: The Basics of Personality

  • Provide a formal definition of personality from your unit materials
  • How do the ideas of nature and nurture contribute to the development of an individual’s personality?

Part II: Freud’s Perspective of Personality

  • Define and discuss Freud’s Structures of Personality Theory.
  • Create a brief conflict scenario, and describe how each of the structures (ID, Ego, and Superego) would handle the conflict.

Part III: Compare and Contrast

  • Select one of the following theorists:

    • Alfred Adler
    • Karen Horney
    • Erik Erikson
  • Use the following grid to complete a personality theory compare and contrast of your chosen theorist to Sigmund Freud:

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