two dimensional materials essay

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Writing Assignment Guidelines

Select two works of art in the textbook from chapters 1-8 and/ or 17-21 that exemplify two-dimensional

materials, tools, and processes. Describe how each work was made, and explain how the medium is related to each works’ meaning. You may use the information from chapters 9-16 as your guide to the Materials,

Tools and Processes used for the works you choose, however, it might mean that you will have to do some additional research beyond the minimum

requirement to find the information you need. This will not be a comparative essay, so you may pick works that are not related in any way if you want to

as long as they are both two-dimensional . Include the title of each work, the artist who created it, and the page number on which it app ears in the textbook. Your essay should be at least 750 words.



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