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  1. Create a list of both inner and outer conventions for the cop show and the medical drama. Each list should have a minimum of 10 conventions.
  2. Return to your list of conventions for cop shows and medical dramas and using the LEGO and salad metaphors, please envision 4 different versions of each genre that still use the same conventions, but play with syntax, scale and emphasis.

Topic 2

  1. Select a reality TV subgenere (other than competition/gameshow, e.g. cooking reality TV, domestic life reality TV [Real Housewives, Little Women of…], entrepreneurial [Shark Tank, The Profit] ) and then select 3 current series that fall under that subgenere. Screen an episode from each. Then compile a list of conventions that they share in common (minimum 5). Finally, explain how similar conventions are used differently in each show.
  2. In what ways in An American Family similar to and different from contemporary reality TV shows?
  3. Screen an episode of Top Chef (available on Netflix) and compose a response that identifies how the episode both normalizes self-governance and offers viewers schadenfreude. Are these two ideas interconnected?

Topic 3

  1. Are media franchises like Law & Order like McDonalds franchises? How are they similar? How are they different?

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