topic strategies for increasing attention in the workplace problem millennials being disengaged at workplace

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Workforce engagement represent how many millennials are engaged to their workplace with all their best for each working day, to accomplish to their organization’s goals and value, working together to achieve organizational accomplishment, with appreciated sense of their own good. However, does any millennials can working in a small cubicle for 8 hours with a lower entry level position? The answer is NO, they can’t accept with a minimum of salary and need to perform their maximum of productivity for the company. Therefore, most millennials are suffer from high levels of disengaged in the workplace. In fact, a study shows that a majority of all the workers, more than 90% of them have left their employer when their role changed. Only 10% or less would accept the new position of their company has offer. We have found that 21% of Millennial workers had left their job in the last year to do something else, and this is triple the number compare with non-Millennials who report doing the same. As a result, many millennials suffer from disengaged in workplace the top reason is distraction. Millennial is the generation that living in world that is full of money temptation world, especially with all the surrounding by technology, every millennials are busy with their social life by using their mobile device on their social media. Example of disengaged in workplace are most millennials are not satisfied with the salary compared to the workload they have do finish in a limited time period. Millennials who are working with the fast food industry, they only receive the minimum wage, and they have to performing the high volume of workload. Soon or later, they will notice that their salary and benefit are not equal to what they need to perform, at the end their performance are slowly going down slope. Failure to address disengaged in workplace can have a negative effect on job performance.

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