Tootsie Roll Industries Inc. – Equity Analysis, accounting homework help

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It is important to properly classify and report current and
long-term liabilities because they affect liquidity and risk for a

Refer to the most current financial statements of Tootsie Roll
Industries, Inc. Research and answer the following questions. Present
your information in a clear and concise, professional business report.
Use correct APA format.

  • What was the total stockholders’ equity for each of the two most current years?
  • What seems to be the main reason for the change in stockholders’ equity?
  • What is the largest component of stockholders’ equity?
  • Does the company have any preferred stock? How many classes of common stock does the company have?
  • How many shares of common stock are authorized, issued, and outstanding?
  • Refer to the Statement of Earnings. Did the company declare any dividends? Were they cash or stock dividends?
  • Has the company repurchased any of its own shares? What is
    the total effect on shareholders’ equity of the repurchase?
  • What is the return on stockholders’ equity?

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