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This is one of a package of 15 assignments that comprise the Elements of Service. For this assignment, you will observe elements of service in almost any particular service establishment and answer the following questions. Here are a few tips for successfully completing the assignment:

  • To prepare for this assignment: Read the text, review the Chapter Power Point Slides, and view the streaming chapter lecture.
  • Enter your name in the block provided above. If you worked in a group (which is fine), each of you must individually submit a copy of this assignment on Blackboard to receive credit.
  • Because many of the questions in this assignment build, use and refer to the same establishment throughout the assignment. So, if you are using Starbuck’s for this assignment, use it for each of the questions. (The examples in this assignment use different establishments to give you a variety of perspectives, but you should use the same establishment.)
  • For subsequent assignments, you may change establishments or you may continue referring to the same establishment throughout all of these 15 Service Element assignments. Whichever is more convenient for you is fine with me. If you plan to use this course to give yourself practice for applying this package of 15 Service Elements to one organization (perhaps where you work), then I suggest that you use one organization for all of your 15 assignments in this group of assignments. The consistency of using one organization will aid you in learning and application.
  • When making observations, realize that you can get a far better and more accurate understanding of your subject organization by visiting and observing multiple times before reporting your observations. Visiting and observing at different times and days helps to provide a clearer picture of how the establishment performs overall.
  • This assignment, like everything that you do for this course, has a set deadline (both time and date). The deadline is listed in the syllabus. While you can turn in any assignment early or on time, you cannot turn in anything late. No credit will be given for assignments turned in late.
  • Make this and all assignment submittals through Blackboard. Do not submit any assignment by email attachment, as it will not receive credit.
  • If you are unsure how to submit an assignment correctly using Blackboard, refer to and follow the directions provided in the syllabus.
  • Begin your answer immediately after each question. Don’t worry about skipping lines or other formatting.
  • Answer each question completely. Don’t worry about the length of your answer as long as you answer completely. Use correct sentence structure (complete sentences) and not word blurbs (bullets).

Please use the word documents(4 total) I provide to finish the assignment, and i will post the pictures of these 4 chapters(11 pictures)


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