Three factors that contribute to the variations in student academic ability, writing assignment help

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Review several of your classmates’ posts and respond to at least two who have addressed different factors influencing academic achievement.  Elaborate on the relevance of categorizing students within the education system using these factors.  Challenge your classmates by asking a question that may cause them to reevaluate or add components to their initial response.  Your responses to your classmates should be 150-words minimum.

Three factors that contribute to the variations in student academic ability are; the socioeconomics backgrounds, Teachers who label their students, and diversity of students in the classroom. Students who enter the classroom from low-income families have more than what is being taught to consider. For instance, because of the families’ socioeconomic status, a student can arrive at school hungry because the families’ food stamps have been exhausted for the month.

 Also, the family may live in substandard conditions, and the student comes to school tired and unable to focus because of lack of sleep and unsafe surroundings. With changes that are constantly occurring in the education field, families may not feel confident assist their children when it comes to completing assignments because of the educational level of the caregiver.

For example, how can a parent who is illiterate support a child who has to turn in a writing assignment?  Teachers who label students because of their perceived intelligence and negative peer interactions affect progress. If there is a low expectation of the ability of the student towards learning, how can a teacher expect that student or students to achieve? I agree wholeheartedly with the statement taken from our text which states, “Teachers need to be very careful not to have low academic expectations for students because their families are poor.” (Hall, Quinn & Gollnick. Chapter 3.6 2014)  

As more students enter the classroom with disabilities, teachers will have to change and to adapt their teaching and lessons to accommodate the needs of these learners. The IDEA ACT protects the rights of people with disabilities and their rights to education. As stated in our text,“ IDEArequiresthatstudents with disabilities be educated with regular students whenever possible and in as normal and environment as possible. (Hall, Quinn & Gollnick. Chapter 3.2, 2014).  It would be foolish for any teacher to take the approach of “one size fits all’. Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences supports the fact that there must be more than one way to approach teaching as every student brings uniqueness into the classroom that must be respected, supported, and challenged towards academic excellence.

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