Thinking before reading, english homework help

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Before reading a book or article we anticipate what will be shared by analyzing the the cover page or title of the document, the table of contents, the back cover page, etc. We typically assess a document for revealing information. We look for what relationships we might have to the content.  Before reading anticipate what you will learn. Once you begin reading visualize and relate to what you are reading. Imagine the descriptive ideas. What do you know about Disney Land? How do you imagine it to feel, smell, sound? Can you relate to the author? As you read, monitor what wors you may not familiar with. Highlight them as you read. After you read the whole document reveiw the unfamilar words. Write the definition for each word.

After you read and define unfamilar words complete the THINKING AND WRITING AFTER READING exercise at the end of the section. Answer each question with 2-5 thoughtful sentences. 

Submit your typed responses by 10:59am on September 10.

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