There are two essays 3 pages each, and the total pages of them should be 6pages

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Short Essays (50% each): Your essays should be based on historical evidence drawn from the

course material (including lectures, readings, film clips, and images). The total length of the two

essays (double-spaced, font size 12)must not exceed 6 pages

1. Please explain the dynamics between Chinese government and popular nationalism in the

post-tiananmen era. Use examples from the course material to illustrate your points. (Hint:

lectures, Osnos, and Zheng)

2. You are chatting with a friend, Ferris Wheel, over coffee at Jazzman’s. Your friend says,

China is an authoritarian state. The party-state exercises absolute control over society and does

not allow any expressions of public opinion Do you agree with this comment? Or do you see a

hore complex and nuanced picture when it comes to the relationship between the Chinese

government and the Cinese public? Please use examples to illustrate your points.(Hint: lectures,

Osnos, and Shapiro)

Citation Examples:

Readings: (Osnos, 125)

Lectures/Discussions: (Fan, 3/2)

Paper due Friday, November 9, noon.

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