The research should be interconnected and clear, English homework help

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The research topic is ( The spread of human rights norms has been the biggest success of the United Nations. Discuss)

The following points must be met :

•Word count: 3000words max 2500 min, including bibliography and footnotes.

•Research paper should be an original contribution

•Your own take on the question, rather than a summation of the existing literature

•Be wary of internet sources generally

•Go beyond text books

• 13 references

•Quotations should be referenced properly e.g. (Farrell, 1988, p. 25)

•A bibliography should also be included at the end of the text listing all of the sources you consulted even if you didn’t directly quote or paraphrase from them.

Research requirements : 

  1. Use ((Harvard system)) in citing and referencing . 
  2. The research should be interconnected and clear.
  3.  five headings in sequential  form and logical. 
  4. International undergraduate  student level ( simple language and ideas , clear , not professional )

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