The Different Concepts of Racism

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Paper only needs to be 1 1/2 – 2 pages. Below is everything you need to know.

I expect you to begin your paper with the explanation of the way we have scientifically defined “race” and how it is a social construction. Talk specifically about the way in which race is defined socially and the faulty biological thesis of the past.

Race is a much more complex issue than black vs. white… although we tend to focus on it in those terms, in fact, the history of this issue goes back to the origins of our country and many who fought for the coveted position of being “white.”

This segment covers the history of race and racial distinction, how we used to view “race” what it meant and how it affected the people who were branded with the different racial distinctions.

For your paper I would like to see you give me a critical analysis of how racial relations in the past have set the stage for certain modern day inequalities. How was ” biology destiny” and who was seen as “white” what was “whiteness” and what are the consequences for not being white? How is a black person defined?? For a time, white vs non-white was not nearly the same as we see it today. Also discussed was the struggle lived by Asians who struggled to gain the status of being white.

Make sure you define your terms and explain your concepts.

Some things to help you put your paper together:

How do: the laws passed, the stereotypes that were coined, and the racial designations- impact the modern day social and racial inequalities? Think of things like what was presented on citizenship, immigration and naturalization.. what it meant to be “white”… the construction of different races… the New Deal (and who it excluded) how unions kept minorities out of good jobs …government guidelines for race and real estate assessment (i.e. financial risk ratings in minority group communities).

Further notes to help you conceptualize your paper:

For instance -the GI bill (FHA mortgages for housing- GOVERNMENT GUIDELINES that spoke to allowing racial segregation in housing communities, redlining to prevent integrated neighborhoods) think of the benefits to home-ownership- the long term benefits to it beyond just the first generation to inhabit the new suburbia. Owning a home is an asset to have long standing value and then think of the long term effects of not having that, nothing to pass down, no assets to bequeath and concentrations of poor and minority groups suffered from this, completely government sanctioned. Having assets in general means you are more likely to acquire more assets. And over a million black soldiers returned. Think of the sheer numbers and the impact of that…. the racial divide that was sanctioned and then perpetuated. The “vertical ghettos” and urban renewal of poor minorities who were shuffled into public housing into concentrated groups. The way that real estate declined when housing segregation ended, which is the “blockbusting” to scare whites into selling their homes cheap just because blacks were moving in, only to turn around and inflate the prices to sell to the new black residents. All of which resulted in a drain on the economy in those areas.

“Whites were being subsidized in the accumulation of wealth and blacks were being divested.”

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