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You will be required to post a discussion answer and respond to at least one of your classmates’ posts. Your original post should be a minimum of 400 words and your replies should be at least 100 words each. In other words, please create thoughtful answers for your original post, tying in material from the text.  For your replies, be sure not to merely agree and/or repeat what has already been stated.

Some of the discussion topics may be sensitive in nature, so please keep all of your posts academic and professional.


We have learned a lot about the functioning of the neuron in the first several chapters.  Considering how neural signals are conducted differently in a myelinated axon versus in an unmyelinated axon, what implications could the presence or absence of myelin have for our cognitive abilities? Also, Science Daily reported that an artificial functioning synapse has been created ( In your opinion, will we ever have a complete understanding of the human brain? What human characteristic or ability will indicate that we have created a working, artificial brain?

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