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part 1

a cover letter for your paper in progress (Paper 1). Answer these points: THIS WAS THE PAPER ON POLITICAL ASTROTURFING YOU HELPED ME WITH——

  • Tell the reader (me) what you intend for the essay to do for its readers. Describe its purpose(s) and the effect(s) you want it to have on the readers. Say who you think the readers are (or, think about what you know my expectations are).
  • Describe your process of working on the essay. How did you narrow the assigned topic? What kind of planning did you do? What steps did you go through, what changes did you make along the way, what decisions did you face, and how did you make the decisions?

part 2

  • How helpful is having someone critique your paper for you?
  • What did you learn form the process that you can apply to your own work?
  • And when you revise your work, what strategies do you find yourself using most often?
  • What’s the hardest part of revising a paper? Why?

Answer all of these questions, and provide tips/feedback/pointers that you find most useful in revising your own words


1. The first issue you I’d like you to write about is “My favorite book, story, etc. from childhood.” This can be anything, from a childhood “classic” to a story or book that perhaps no one has heard of but you. Why did you enjoy this piece of literature so much? How did you encounter it–did a parent or grandparent pass it down to you? How did this piece of literature fit into your overall feelings about reading and literature in general? Was it one of many things that you loved to read over and over, or the only reading you remember enjoying from your childhood? And–would you recommend that same work to a child or adult today?

2. The second thing I’d like you to write about is “What would the title of your autobiography be?” This can be a title that you might use if you were writing your autobiography today, or a title that you might use years from now, at the end of a long and full life. Why would you choose this particular title?

These two issues should be addressed in the same post. You can write them in two separate posts, I suppose, if that seems to work best for you, but the two issues together count as Post #1.

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