test relibility and validity

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Unit 9 Assignment: Databases

Instructor A Test Questions:

1.Risk factors for Type-2 diabetes include all of the following except:

a.Smoking 7 answered correctly

b.Lack of physical activity 1 answered incorrectly

c.Age 2 answered incorrectly

d.Obesity None answered incorrectly

2.Untreated diabetes may result in all of the following except:

a.Cardiac disease 1 answered incorrectly

b.Blindness 6 answered incorrectly

c.Kidney disease 1 answered incorrectly

d.Joint abnormalities 2 answered correctly

3.Blood sugar is considered well controlled when the hemoglobin A1c is between:

a.12%-15% None answered incorrectly

b.0%-7% 10 answered correctly

c.7%-25% None answered incorrectly

d.20%-50% None answered incorrectly

4.Chronic renal failure is not caused by diabetes.T or F

5.What percent of people in the general population have diagnosed Type-2 diabetes?

a.2% 1 answered incorrectly

b.10% 8 answered incorrectly

c.9% None answered incorrectly

d.32% 1 answered incorrectly

Instructor B Test Questions:

1.Peter comes to your unit with uncontrolled hyperglycemia.His blood glucose level is 532 mg/dl.He is unresponsive and his heart rate is 141, respirations are 38 and shallow, and his blood pressure is 279/193.Which of the following actions will you take?

a.Address fluid resuscitation 5 answered correctly

b.Change the IV from the emergency department from NS to Lactated Ringers 5 answered incorrectly

c.Do a finger stick to check his current blood glucose levels None answered incorrectly

d.Measure his urinary output None answered incorrectly

2.You are teaching Susan how to plan a menu for the week.She is newly diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes and has retired from her job as a postal carrier.How would you explain to her about food choices?

a.Tell her that any food that is white is OK to eat in moderation and that she should not eat any breads or bread products more than once a day 2 answered incorrectly

b.Increase her portion size of vegetables, avoiding starchy vegetables such as corn 7 answered correctly

c.Explain to Susan that she has to avoid all red meats and only eat fish and chicken at least three times a week None answered incorrectly

d.There are no restrictions on some types of foods.Anything that is consumed in liquid form is OK None answered incorrectly

3.Alcohol is not a carbohydrate.T or F

4.Which of the following ethnic backgrounds increases a patient’s risk of developing diabetes?

a.Pacific Islander 7 answered incorrectly

b.Caucasian None answered incorrectly

c.American Indian/Alaskan Native None answered incorrectly

d.Semitic 3 answered incorrectly

5.Robert presents to your emergency department with a temperature of 102, a heart rate of 220, and respirations of 28.He states that he has diabetes and that he last ate 12 hours ago.He says that he cannot keep down food or liquid when he tries.He proudly tells you that he was able to take his metformin (Glucophage).What actions will you initiate immediately?

a.Place him on a cooling blanket to bring down his temperature as fast as possible. 0 answered incorrectly

b.Start an IV 5 answered correctly

c.Give him a glass of orange juice and ask him to wait in the reception area till a bed becomes available 0 answered incorrectly

d.Draw a blood glucose level 5 answered incorrectly


Compare and contrast the provided test data from two instructors teaching the same course who created their own evaluation tools. The course is in a prelicensure, associate degree nursing program, and based on a lesson on diabetes. There are 10 students in each class. Determine if reliability and validity between the two datasets exists. Be sure to defend your stance using the appropriate multiple disciplinary databases (e.g., education, nursing, or psychology databases). At the graduate level, you should be able to determine the amount of content needed to fully defend your stance.


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