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There are ethical and reliability concerns about artificial intelligence (AI) making law enforcement, homeland security, private security, and corrections operational decisions. This is explained in a January 2021 research publication by the Rand Corporation, created by Douglas Yeung, Inez Khan, Nidhi Kalra, and Osonde A. Osoba. 

AI is increasingly relied upon by American local law enforcement, as documented in a Wall Street Journal presentation on July 3, 2019. This documentation focuses on the New Orleans, LA, police department, which uses many cameras set up on street corners and places where humans are found. Because of this, AI analyzes the tremendous amount of information and makes decisions (not humans) regarding what needs to be addressed by police. 

In this New Orleans presentation, private citizens call this AI surveillance as “surveillance on steroids!” Private citizens also ask in this presentation who makes sure that AI performs as intended. Also, can the police be trusted to police themselves regarding what is quickly becoming “technology automated” (machines making the decisions) and not human law enforcement authorities? 

You are part of a task force to research the use of forensic data and technology that relies upon artificial intelligence (AI). Your manager has asked for an analysis report on potential current uses of AI in criminal investigations. 

Read the article from the University Library.

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word analysis report responding to the following:

  • Analyze the use of forensic technology within the context of artificial intelligence. 
  • Provide a stance on the two arguments presented in the article about “AI is as likely to contribute to racism in the law as it is a means to end it.” 
  • Explain why you would or would not agree about “Public Fears and the Reality of Concerns Related to AI.” 
  • Provide an example of the use of AI in a criminal investigation case and evaluate its use to solve it. 
  • Explain the methods you would use to solve the case. 
  • Assess the ethical implications of using technology such as AI in criminal investigations. 
  • Assess the reliability of using AI technology to solve the case.

Please cite two literature references (found outside the classroom) using correct APA formatting in the body of this report that reinforces what you are saying, and list these two literature references with correct APA formatting on a literature reference page at the end of this report…eight points deducted for each missing literature reference

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