tcp ip ipv6 and ipv4 cases

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Case Project 1-1

case 1 Troubleshooting Network Connectivity on a Small Network

You are asked to visit a small law firm to help troubleshoot some network connectivity problems. The law firm’s network consists of 11 workstations connected by a single 24-port hub. A senior partner describes the problem as “consistent” and explains that every morning there is a five-minute delay to connect to the main server on the network. The senior partner indicates that every user on the network has the same problem. Of course, you brought your protocol analyzer. Where should you tap into this network?

Case Project 1-2

case 2 -Arguing the Case for Upgrading to IPv6

Your company just bought a new subsidiary based in Des Moines, Iowa. Although your local operation already uses IPv6 for local networking and Internet access, the new subsidiary still uses IPv4 only, internally and to access the Internet. What kinds of arguments might you use to persuade your colleagues in Des Moines to switch their network to IPv6 or to enable dual use of IPv4 and IPv6 protocols?

Case Project 1-3

case 3 – Determining Which IP Protocols Are in Use

Describe a method you can use to determine which IP protocols are in use on your network, so you can define the minimally possible protocol list for your Windows machines.

Case Project 1-4

case 4 – Explaining Consequences of Protocol Errors and Broadcast Traffic

Explain why excessive protocol errors can be bad for a network. Likewise, explain why excessive broadcast traffic may have negative consequences.

Case Project 1-5

case 5 -Learning the History of the Internet

Open a Web browser on your computer and go to Read the chronology of the development of the Internet and then answer the following questions:

  1. Why were RFCs originally created?
  2. Briefly compare and contrast how RFCs were used early on with how they are used today.
  3. What two protocol suites or combination of suites does the Federal Networking Council (FNC) use to define the term “Internet,” specifically describing address space and communication support?

After you are finished, if you want to learn more, read Katie Hafner and Matthew Lyon’s book Where Wizards Stay Up Late: The Origins of the Internet. It’s available through most online booksellers and may be available at your public library.

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