tableaue assignment

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1. Extract the attached Excel file called WORLDBANKSBUX2015.xlsx into a Tableau workbook. Exclude all records for which ROLLUP=1. (I.e, Keep only those records for which ROLLUP=0.)

2. Create a plot that depicts the relationship between the log transform of GDP per Capita (on the horizontal axis) and the log transform of Life Expectancy for All (on the vertical axis). Set the size of each plot point to reflect the Population of its country. Include Country Name as detail in the Marks card.

3. In a separate worksheet create two scatter plots (on the same worksheet) that show separately the log-scale relationship between Life Expectancy for Women v GDP per Capita and Life Expectancy for Men v GDP per Capita. Size each scatter point by Population. Include a trend line (with confidence interval) in each plot.

4. On a third worksheet generate a Tree Map that displays GDP per Capita as the tile size. Set the color of the tiles to reflect country Population; edit the Color options to use Red-Blue Diverging palette, centered at 100,000,000. Include CCountry Name as a label.

5. Create a Symbol Map in a separate worksheet that depicts GDP per Capita by the size of a circle and Life Expectancy (for ALL) by the color of the circle. For color use the Green-Gold palette. Create a filter that excludes all countries whose Life Expectancy value is missing or null. Edit the Size of the circles to increase the size at the smallest end of the range of GDP per Capita values.

6. Create a filled map that depicts GDP per Capita by the color of each country. Use the Red-Blue Diverging palette, centered on 20,000. Overlay a Circle that depicts Life Expectancy (ALL) by Size. Create a Filter in the worksheet that excludes all countries that do not have at least 1 Starbucks store.

7. Submit your work in a .twbx file.

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