SYG 1000 Rasmussen College W3 Advertisement for LGBT Commmunity Analysis

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Select two distinct advertisements that promote or feature a brand of clothing. For instance, you could select an ad for Ann Taylor and one for Ralph Lauren. Closely analyze the details in the different ads. Be sure to focus on the physical traits, body language, and physical appearance of the “characters” or models in the ads. Consider that these features are promoted based on the particular audience each ad is trying to reach.


In a two to three page paper, write an ad analysis that addresses the social concepts depicted in the ads. Review the sections from the module about class, gender/LGBTQ+, and social mobility. For each advertisement, address and expand on the following questions:

  • What social class do you think is being depicted?
  • What gender aspirations or identities, including LGBTQ+, do you think are being appealed to?
  • To what extent is a social and/or economic status being depicted?
  • What does ownership of this clothing brand presumably signify about the potential customers?

Conclude your analysis with a paragraph that summarizes the reviews of the ads and how they demonstrate the social concepts. Attach a screenshot or picture of each advertisement to your submission.

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