summarize articles 2

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Using any sources of Hagerstown, Maryland and summarize (3) three articles for each of the following topic area questions.

Topic 1 – (3 articles)

How has the geographic location of Hagerstown, Maryland changed in the last 5 years?

How will it change in the next 5 years?

Topic 2 – (3 articles)

What are the most recent or future food and beverage trends?

Which of these identifiable trends are you considering taking advantage of and why?

Topic 3- (3 articles)

Given your initial research identify (3) food and (3) beverage items you might consider selling in your bar?

Explain why these menu items fit your location and concept theme?

Response Format

You will present your response in a MLA or APA formatted paper format which includes:

  1. A brief introduction to Hagerstown, Maryland and concept theme choices.
  2. Author a (1) paragraph summary for each of the (9) articles.
  3. Restating and Answering the questions for each topic’s listed above.
  4. Providing in-text citations supporting your answers from the articles identified.
  5. Create a MLA Works Cited or APA Reference list for all (9) articles using the citation tool provided in the MLA Formatting.

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