Submit your final research paper to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned. It should include a cover page, abstract, intro/lit review, method section, results (simply report what statistics yo

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Submit your final research paper to the

Submissions Area

by the due date assigned

. It should include a cover page, abstract, intro/lit review, method section, results (simply report what statistics you propose to use), discussion section, and reference page.

Your final paper should be double-spaced, 8 to 10 pages in length, and properly edited.

Please use the following information to help you with each section:

  1. Cover page:

    Pay attention to APA style and refer to the example in your textbook.

  2. Abstract:

    Is written on its own page and is a very brief summary of your study. Think in terms of one sentence stating your research question, one or two sentences regarding background and what we already know about it, one or two sentences regarding your methodology (e.g., how many participants were used and how were your variables assessed), and one or two sentences about your findings.

  3. Intro/lit review:

    incorporate the feedback and make revisions to the introduction and literature review submitted in

    Week 4


  4. Method section:

    incorporate the feedback and make revisions to the Method section submitted in

    Week 4


  5. Results section:

    in one paragraph, state what statistical test would have been used and why it was chosen.

  6. Discussion section:

    broken down into the following paragraphs:

    • paragraph 1:

      statement of your results/findings (or what you imagine might be your results).

    • paragraph 2:

      what might have affected those results (i.e., threats to internal and external validity). Include flaws in your design and confounding variables.

    • paragraph 3:

      implications for your findings including the significance and impact on the field as well as future research directions.

  7. Reference page:

    Pay attention to APA style and refer to the example in your textbook.

Research Question.

What are the effects of direct or indirect exposure to misinformation on eyewitness memory and testimony?

Hypothesis and the null hypothesis.

Being exposed to misinformation leads to distortions in the memory of human beings mainly in the experienced deeds, Also, information of people, places as well as things and eyewitness can be misled making them depict wrong information. In null hypothesis, there is lack of effect on human memory, information of people not genuinely experienced events, places, and things or even an eyewitness’s be misled making them illustrate false information after being exposed to



In this research, I would use exactly 132 participants, 66 males, and 66 females. The team would be comprised of individuals from ages 18 to 55 years of age. My choice of that number is so that there can be an even number of members together with splitting the gender unevenly to represent both equally. Splitting would be in 3 age groups, ages arranged as follows 18-30, 31-55 and 45-55. This would place 44 participants in each group for the investigation. The set range will cover mostly adult ages. Ethnicity and age would be divided the same as in age groups. The only ages excluded are under 18 and over 55 years. Also, I would need to disregard people who have gone through the same traumatic experience due to what would be used in the research to help avoid adversative reaction to the material. It is not a must for my sample to be diverse so that it can be able to simplify my study discoveries to the overall adult population. There is no way one can complete a study only on females and expect the outcomes to be generalizable to males too.

Sampling technique.

The technique would be convenience sampling. This is a non-probability statistical method of demonstrating data by choosing individuals as it is easy to volunteer or selecting units due to their accessibility or easily available. Convenience sampling is recommended for limited access population and this leads to the low external validity of the research.


Gender, age, and misinformation.

Variable operational definition

Gender is the determinant of a person whether the individual is male or female.

Age is the number of years a person has lived.

Misinformation is the untrue Information and decisively false which is spread purposely. The protest of talking between an individual(s) about a subject(s) to attain a decision or to trade concepts and data

Measurement of each variable


Age- it is measured by interval ration level which can be ranked orderly and the differences are available.

Gender – it is measured on a nominal scale where you cannot say that males are better than females or female are better than males.

Misinformation – it is measured on an ostensible level together with categories got or not got. The data above will help to determine whether the participants got or did not get the misinformation.

Data collection method

It will happen after participants watch clips of crimes and will arise with a paper questionnaire.

Research design

The research would use correlational research. This study determines the relationships between at least two variables. In my case, it will be the connection between the variables the attainment of misinformation and the outcome on eyewitness memory together with the testaments. The use of survey is like using a quantitative plan that will be involved in a survey over questionnaires from the contestant’s.

Procedure followed.

First of all, I have to establish the goal of my study, in this case, it would be to find the relationship between ages, gender, and misinformation, then shift to research and determine my sample group. In this study since it is about being exposed to misinformation all of my samples, I would get them from high schools and universities around me. Once I have the target I have to work on the methodology of the way to conduct the tests whether it would be face to face or any other way. For this study, I think I would use the questionnaire as a form of an interview with the oldest adult and the younger teenager or the other way. Surveys are the best bet as a result of taking the least amount of time to collect in addition most of the individuals feel more secure writing things like this down after knowing that people put a face to the name. Structuring and designing my questionnaire follows and identifying the types of questions to ask. Finally, I would analyze my findings and draw a conclusion about the data I got and what I learned.

POTENTIAL ethical issues

The study is done on mature people so no need to seek any permission. Some participants might be not understanding if being exposed to misinformation can have an issue. To address this is just to accept the kind of survey incognito from participants who have informed consent.

Please do the assignment exactly as it’s asking to be done!

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