Submit a 170 word minimum post that addresses ONLY ONE of the topics listed below

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Choose one of these topics:

Explain how bebop was both a natural evolution of swing jazz (provide 2 examples), and a rejection of swing jazz (also provide 2 examples), while addressing all 3 of these issues: approaches to improvisation, approaches to composition, and attitudes regarding authenticity.

How does Miles Davis’ “Birth of the Cool” album (and the nonet that he led during 1948-50) confuse common assumptions about race and place, as they related to cool jazz?Then, explain how hardbop represented black identity, by providing at least three detailed examples.

Explain how fusion incorporated aspects of rock, funk, and other non-jazz styles. Provide at least three detailed examples, citing specific artists or bands. What were the primary critiques leveled by jazz journalists and musicians against fusion?

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