Stratford University Hallmarks of Aging Science News Articles Review

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Find 4 science news article pertaining to aging. For each article do part A and B. Include the title and post the link for each article at the end (after part B).

A) For each article relate it to one or more of the following hallmarks of aging. B) Briefly summarize each article and state comments or questions regarding the article.

9 hallmarks of aging-

Deregulated nutrient sensing- Caloric Restriction without malnutrition tends to extend life span

Mitochondrial dysfunction- Mitochondria accumulate damage and lose function as we age

Loss of Proteostasis- Proper balance in protein levels and proteins folding becomes dysfunctional

Telomere attrition- Telomere shortening determines the lifespan of cells

Genomic instability- Aging id influenced by DNA damage, chromosome instability, and nuclear structure changes

Cellular senescence- The accumulation of senescent cell drives tissue aging

Altered intercellular communication- Cell type/Tissue result in altered crosstalk between tissues that alters homeostasis and drives systemic aging

Epigenetic alteration- A heritable change that does not affect the DNA sequence but results in a change in gene expression

Stem cell exhaustion- The inability of stem cells to properly maintain quiescence(reversible cell cycle arrest) leads to proliferation and exhaustion

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