STR/581 Strategic Planning and Implementation WK 1 Discussion Question

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Describe the work of strategic leaders.

Define stakeholders and describe their ability to influence organizations.

Explain the strategic management process.

Define strategic competitiveness, strategy, competitive advantage, and above-average returns.

Use the resource-based model to explain how firms can earn above-average returns.

Describe the competitive landscape and explain how globalization and technological changes shape it.

Use the industrial organization (I/O) model to explain how firms can earn above-average returns.

Explain why ownership is largely separated from managerial control in organizations.

Describe how the external corporate governance mechanism–the market for corporate control–restrains top-level managers’ decisions.

Define an agency relationship and managerial opportunism and describe their strategic implications.

Discuss the nature and use of corporate governance in international settings, especially in Germany, Japan, and China.

Define corporate governance and explain why it is used to monitor and control top-level managers’ decisions.

Discuss the types of compensation top-level managers receive and their effects on managerial decisions.

Explain the use of three internal governance mechanisms to monitor and control managers’ decisions

Describe how corporate governance fosters ethical decisions by a firm’s top-level managers.

Discuss the value of strategic leadership in determining the firm’s strategic direction.

Define strategic leadership and describe top-level managers’ importance.

Explain what must be done for a firm to sustain an effective culture.

Discuss the importance and use of organizational controls.

Describe the managerial succession process using internal and external managerial labor markets.

Explain what top management teams are and how they affect firm performance.

Describe the importance of strategic leaders in managing the firm’s resources.

Describe what strategic leaders can do to establish and emphasize ethical practices.

Please post your discussion posts in 100-200 words or more, providing citations where appropriate.

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