SOWK 2430 The Budget Allocation Differ from The Actual Federal Budget Analysis

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Based on your idea of how the federal budget should be distributed and the actual distribution of money in 2019, answer the following question and reply to one other student, as well.  Click on the link to reply.

How did your budget allocation differ from the actual federal budget allocation?  You don’t need to show your graph, just talk about any differences in priorities that you noticed.

Now that you have some idea of how legislation and funding effect policy implementation, consider the following items. 

Defense/Homeland Security

Social Security


Federal Budget 2020 : Actual

Federal budget 2020.png




International Affairs





Food and Agriculture


With these categories, how would you prioritize and spend money in the federal budget?

Take a few minutes and develop a spending priority or “pie chart” as to how you would spend the money. before you go on to the next page.

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