SOW 3203 Miami Dade College Domestic Violence Essay

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1. Historical and background information about the development of this area in social work
and social welfare services.

2.Social problems or social needs that this area of social work and social welfare seeks to

3. Controversial issues within this area of social work or social welfare.
4. Social Work Intervention
5. Reference List
Paper Format:
Introduction:  Introduce your topic. Make sure to give context and background on the issue.
Provide an outline on what will be researched in your paper and explain its importance.
Historical / Background How did (topic) come about? When did social work(er) historically
become involved? What was happening that the need for social services became a key
component in intervention?  
Social Problems What are some of the current day social issues connected to your topic? For
example, if you chose homelessness, some of the social issues could include housing access,
substance/alcohol abuse, mental health access, etc.
Controversial issues What are some of the highly debated issues? Policies?
Social Work Intervention Describe some of the ways social workers are helping people facing
problems within your topic.   
Conclusion Offer a well-rounded analysis of your collected data; use critical thinking skills.  

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