solve problem for roe dupont 4 question

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1. A company has an ROE of 21.6%, Total Asset Turnover of 1.5 and EM of 1.2. If the company had sales of $5,000,000, what was the company’s Net Income?

2. A company with $800,000 in assets, has sales of $1,000,000. Their net income was $80,000 and they have $500,000 in liabilities. According to the Dupont Identity, what is the company’s ROE?

3. Which of the following is LEAST likely to improve a company’s ROE?


Increase profit margins


Decrease the debt ratio


Increase sales relative to assets


Increase the equity multiplier

4. A company has an ROE of 28.16%, total asset turnover of 2.2x, profit margin of 8% and $1,000,000 in equity. What does the company have in total assets?

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