SOCW 4110: Triaging Risk factors

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Discussion 1(a)This week’s readings focused on risk factors with various populations and in various settings. How do these align with what you have seen in your field experience? How can you help by applying acceptable and effective strategies? In this Discussion, you focus on risk assessment in your agency and how you can assist. 


  • Explain the ways your agency assesses the risks of its clients.
    • For example, are there formal assessment tools/forms, policies about reporting risk, trainings on risk factors for your population, or other means?
  • Explain how you can help with risk assessments in your agency.
    • Be sure to draw specific examples from your reading.
    • Be specific explaining how your learning will impact your practice at the agency.
    • Explain how your agency assessment is similar or different from that of your colleagues.
    • Discussion 1(b)Intervention strategies can take many forms. Sometimes social workers intervene at the micro level, the mezzo level, the macro level, or on multiple levels. In this Discussion, you examine how your agency incorporates and carries out intervention plans.
    • Explain how your agency intervenes at the micro, mezzo, and macro levels.
      • Be sure to provide specifics examples.
    • Provide two additional suggestions for interventions at the micro, mezzo, or macro level.
      • Consider the local, state, or national level when making your recommendations.

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