SOCW 4100 Walden University Cultural Profile Essay

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  • Consider your personal cultural profile, as outlined on p. 132 in your text.
  • Use your insight from the cultural profile and the context of your field placement to respond to this Discussion.
  • Describe the challenges you may have in working with the diversity represented in your agency.
  • Explain how your strengths may help address the needs of the diverse populations in your agency.
  • 1(b) Your field supervisor will play an important role in your learning process. He or she is required to meet with you weekly to allow you to ask questions, assess your progress, and work on your development as a professional social worker. In this Discussion, you confer with your colleagues about your experiences with supervision.
    • Describe your current experience with supervision in your agency.
    • Identify areas where supervision at your agency could improve.
    • Identify where the supervision you experience aligns with your readings.
    • Explain whether or not you are comfortable with the setting, format, and other aspects of the supervision experience.

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