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Discussion Forum

250-500 words in length on each discussion topic AND respond to the other students’ posts. I have copied their text below. It does not have to be as long as the discussions, but please respond it include your opinions and just write as much as possible. Please include work cited

Discussion 1:Social Change and You
We have discussed many social problems throughout the quarter. Hopefully learning about these problems has not left you without hope for making the world a better place! What social problem are you most motivated to work to change? How do you see yourself contributing to change around this social problem?

Response 1:
I am most motivated to help people that have been locked up get another chance at life. I feel that as humans we make mistake. There are some individuals that came from corrupt environments and did not know any better. They sell drugs or steal to get by. They end up with a felony on their record and they can’t even get hired at a Ross retail store. They have no choice but to start getting back into criminal behavior. We need a new system to give them a chance. The same way some people get on probation, there should be a way to hold a job with a probation period for felons. This way we can rehabilitate them and they can be motivated to change their lives. If they feel that they aren’t being given a chance they feel helpless and go back to old behavior to get by.There are so many rehabilitation centers to help alcoholics and drug addicts, they should have a center for felons to help them. There should be a law passed for certain occupations that you can work as a felon. I find it discriminating. I think that if these felons are such a danger to society and you do not think they should up hold a job then why release them. I think the system is really corrupt. I think by rehabilitating them it would save costs and we would have a better world.

Discussion2: Generations X, Y and Z: Are They Changing America?

In this article, Alwin talks about some of the generational dynamics that shape our present society. Explain ONE of these dynamics in your own words. Do you feel that your generation has been shaped by a significant historical event? If so, how and which one? Do you think this will shape our future? Does it shape our present?

Response 2: Alwin explains that one of the generational dynamics is the cohort effect. The cohort effect is a change in ideology and belief that occurs in the younger generation. It only affects a certain age range, and it does not change everyone’s beliefs. It can be caused by certain events or instances. Alwin writes , “Such an effect –labeled a cohort effect –refers to the outcomes attributable to having been born in a particular historical period” (44). He is saying that the younger you are, the easier it is for your behavior to be influenced. Therefore, the cohort effect only causes the younger generation to have a shift in ideas. In my opinion, I think the shooting of Trayvon Martin a couple of years ago has had a huge impact on my generation. It seems to me that this event spurred an increase in social awareness for racist shootings. From Black Lives Matters to the increase of police brutality videos, the movement for equal consideration from African Americans has increased greatly online and in public. It does shape the present because it raises concern and changes are happening.

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