social work role play assignment

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After your role play, identify a main area in the role play client’s life where research can guide your practice. Think of a few specific questions you may want answered through research(e.g. if client has a gambling problem, and you know nothing about treatment of gambling, or if client has a medical condition you don’t know about…)

  • Do a literature search and identify a peer reviewed research article (within the past 5 years) through the library database that addresses the problem area you identified in your client.Articles that are reviews/summaries of prior research or a conceptual article are not acceptable for review (but can be useful to you for overall background). The article you choose to review must describe original research. If you have any question about this, let me see the article.

A. You should provide a brief/concise summary of the research (in your own words, do not just quote- quoting is not acceptable as it does not demonstrate your understanding). Include the purpose of the study, the subjects, the method, and the major findings.

B. The remainder, and most important part, should be a critique of the article. Here you should provide your opinions regarding the research questions, design, method and limitations. Discuss your views concerning the importance of the study and its implications for your interview experience specifically and social work practice generally. Use the handout in class to guide you in this critique. What knowledge did you take with you from the research to apply to your future work/interview with this type of client/population? What questions remain unanswered for you, or what new questions arose for you from the research?

Assignment 2-3 pages

Adhere to APA format, including a reference page (not counted in the page limit)

Please note: When you turn in the paper, you must submit a copy of the article.

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