Social Work Discussion Post, sociology homework help (300 words)

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Complete Discussion Question incorporating these notes from the instructor….It is very important to cite in text from the course book as well referenced below.

Instructor comments: While self-injurious behavior is a remote possibility, what I would like for you to do is focus on the details in the vignette to identify a current ethical situation already identified within our case details.  How would you utilize the book’s information within your work (using in-text citation) to further your argument?

Discussion Instructions:

Using the vignette (link below) and an ethical decision making model in the Cournoyer textbook, identify at least one ethical dilemma that could present itself in this situation.

Address how you would handle the issue using the Code of Ethics and one of the ethical decision making models presented in the Cournoyer textbook.

Your Tasks:

Make an initial, substantive post of at least 250 – 350 words considering the directions and prompt above.

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