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Social Psychology

The attachment theory asserts that the kind of a relationship children have with their parents, guardians, and caregivers serve as an outline for their relationships in the future, a time they are adults, trying to build friendships and romantic relationships. In explaining the relevance of the theory, a great example was, during World War II, when Germany bombed London city, families were disconnected with parents having a fear of loss of their kids during the war ( Despite the British government working toward evacuating kids from the war zones to a safe countryside place, it h the war had a significant impact on these kids’ lives when they were growing up. After World War II, the British government allowed for a reunion of parents who had survived with their children. The ones who had lost their parents, despite being physically okay, lived with an emotional void that later impacted their relationship lives. They had whole psychological issues while growing up. A good number had a lot of difficulties forming friendships and developing and growing romantic relationships. According to Social Care Work Assignment Help (Bosman, Guy, et al. “Pg.19), childhood experiences significantly impact an individual’s interaction and relationship behavior.

According to the strange situation and the three attachment styles model (Keller, Heidi. Pg. 97), the family environment in which a person has been raised influences future relationships. If the child’s parent’s relationship is happy, the child will grow up with trust, making others satisfied, and a loving person; hence, they will build a healthy relationship built on faith and love .IF the relationship between the parents is a toxic type, the child will grow up with psychological trauma. The youngster will find it hard to trust, love, and embrace different characters in their life, which affects how they stay and build relationships with other people.

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