SOC SCI 134W UCI Article Summary Discussion

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For this skills practice assignment, write a summary of one of the assigned readings this week (Schell, 2013 or Schrader, 2019).

Your summary should be 5-10 sentences and follow the advice of TS/IS chapter 2 and Perkins/WikiHow. Use the template from chapter 2 and/or signal phrases for introducing a summary.

Recall the advice from TS/IS that a summary—like all writing—is part of an ongoing conversation. Said another way, your summary should ultimately have a purpose in the way of making an argument or having an interpretation about veterans’ writing/art groups.

Include a direct quotation from your chosen essay related to your summary and in support of your claim. Use the APA’s guidelines for direct quoting and frame your quotation (see TS/IS chapter 3).

Do your best to include citations, where relevant, in your document.

Mindfully end your paper by writing a brief conclusion.

Optional: Create a relevant title for your essay.

This week you will need to read or watch the following content:

This week you will need to read or watch the following content:

1. Chapters 2, 3, & 4 They Say / I Say. They-Say-I-Say-The-Moves-That-Matter-in-Academic-Writing-4th-Edition.c2.pdf

2. Perkins, R. (2021, October 6). How to write a summary. WikiHow. to an external site.

3. American Psychological Association. (2019). Quotations. Links to an external site.

4. Schell, E. E. (2013, Fall). Writing with veterans in a community writing group. Composition Forum, 28. to an external site.

5. Schrader, B. (2019). Remaking sense. Fight to live, live to fight (pp. 137-149) SUNY. to an external site.

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