SO 338 Park University ?Unit 7 Self Identity Theory Discussion

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One approach to gaining a sociological understanding of the “self” is to reflect on our own identities and experiences. This core assessment project allows for you to individually own your identity by utilizing sociological concepts. Each part of this project should apply a course theory or concept to your identity through creative expression. This could include, but is not limited to, artwork, websites, videos, poems, musical expressions, or posters. This is a three step project allowing for development and reflection.


This is the third and final aspect of the core assessment project. You have several options for this element. You will create something original that represents aspects of your identity and concepts from this course. You will be expected to draw upon course material and demonstrate your understanding of and critical utilization of course concepts and ideas. The creative project should reflect the ideas you presented in written for in the second part of the project.

Options include (but are certainly not limited to!):

  • a painting
  • sculpture or other type of artwork
  • a photo essay
  • an interactive work
  • a blog
  • a comic strip
  • tublr page
  • poem
  • video
  • creative poster

Projects will be evaluated based on the overall quality in terms of both the amount of time and effort put into the project and in terms of the extent to which the project demonstrates an informed application of course material. The projects will be evaluated based on your creative representation of sociological concepts NOT your artistic abilities.

In addition to the creative piece, you will need to turn in a brief (1-2 page) reflection paper on the project that further explains the piece and clearly identified the course concepts you are representing and describes how this project has informed how you think about your identity sociologically.

The submission format will depend on the medium of your project. Word documents, PowerPoints, and weblinks should all be submitted via Canvas. If you have artwork or something physical, you will need to take photographs of your creative work for submission. Please feel free to contact your instructor with specific questions about how to submit your project.

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