SNHU Participants Kept Safe Through Obtaining Informed Consent Discussion

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Respond to a colleague’s post in one of the following ways:

  1. Expand upon your colleague’s post regarding ways that the IRB’s ethical guidelines may impact his or her study.
  2. Explain an insight you gained from this week’s Resources that addresses a topic in your colleague’s post.

Colleague: Paul

Post a description of two ways the guidelines in Walden University’s IRB document may impact the selection of a research population, research setting, and/or research design. Please use the resource to support your answer.

  • One of the ways the (IRB) guidelines may impact the research population is making sure that selected population for a particular study is not selected base on discrimination or bias. According to the resource materials, one of the guidelines of the (IRB) is the protection of human subject. In other words, every population must be protected from discriminatory and unethical research study. For instance, it will be unethical to engage in research that involves the studies of how people react to physical and mental pain of people in a concentration camp or a research that involves the studies of the humiliation, emotional and mental reaction of oppressed people who are forced to strip naked for a period of time.

Another way the (IRB) guidelines will impact the selected population is that it will prevent false and discriminatory information from being published about a selected research population because one of the (IRB) guidelines forbids unethical publication, partnership with websites and inappropriate usage of scholarly tools. This protection helps to prevent unethical and false information about research group from being published. According to resource reading, there is a significant gaps in the knowledge about the psychological and social risks of behavioral research.


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National institutes of Health office of Human Subjects Research Regulations and Ethical Guidelines (n.d) Ethical principles for human subject research. Retrieved June 8, 2016, from https://

Walden Institutional Review Board, (n.d.) IRB Form A instructions. Retrieved from…

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