SNHU Measures Used to Combat Covid 19 Fail Research Hypothesis

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Use the provided Module Four Activity Template Word Document to complete this assignment. You will use the research question you revised in the previous module to write a hypothesis. Refer to the module overview and resources for helpful information about how to write effective hypotheses.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

Write your hypothesis phrased as an if/then statement.

Make sure the relationship between variables that you are predicting is clear.

Explain how your hypothesis directly relates to your finalized research question.

  • Explain how your hypothesis is testable.

Make sure research methods could be used to determine the accuracy of the prediction (i.e., could it be accepted or rejected?).

Explain how your hypothesis is falsifiable

  • It must be possible to prove the hypothesis wrong.
  • POST
  • Main Idea of News Story The COVID-19 pandemic has plagued the globe for the last two years. The pandemic has caused a lot of devastation, considering it killed over 400,000 Americans in its first year alone (Kenyon, 2021). It has also disrupted numerous aspects of societal life, forcing people to adopt a new lifestyle to avoid contracting the highly transmissible COVID-19 virus. Despite this, scientific advancement driven by rapid and substantial investment led to the development of mRNA COVID-10 vaccines (Kenyon, 2021). These vaccines, coupled with non-pharmacologic measures such as hygiene, masks, and social distancing, are being used to combat the disease (Kenyon, 2021). However, despite the existence of these measures, one main concern still exists. This concern will inform my research question. Final Research QuestionBefore arriving at my final research question, I drafted two possible research questions as follows. 1. What are some more steps that we can take to prevent more deaths?2. If the first plan fails, what else do we have lined up for COVID-19? The feedback from my instructor, lessons learned in class, and additional research into my concerns from the news article allowed me to rework these two research questions and develop an improved final research question. As such, my final research question will be the following.Research QuestionIf the current measures being used to combat COVID-19 fail, what other measures can countries take to prevent more deaths?Impact of Beliefs, Assumptions, and Values on Research Question Numerous factors often influence human conduct and decision-making. Some of these factors might be internal or external, or even conscious or unconscious. People have underlying assumptions, values, and beliefs that influence their decision-making and conduct. In my case, my underlying assumptions, beliefs, and values significantly impacted the research question I settled on. Through their partnerships with the private sector, governments are expected to ensure people have access to high-quality and safe healthcare services that meet their healthcare needs. Even though these partnerships have improved access to care, there are some downsides. One of them is the inefficiency of healthcare service delivery that has undermined the effectiveness of these partnerships. This phenomenon prompted me to assume that this inefficiency might also rear its head and undermine the effectiveness of the measures developed to deal with COVID-19. This, coupled with my belief that governmental agencies cannot be trusted to fulfill their responsibilities, forced me to question whether the current interventions to combat COVID-19 will be effective. I always believe that having a backup plan just in case the original plan does not work is immensely valuable. As such, since I have little trust in the government and the private sector, especially when it comes to healthcare service delivery, I felt compelled to research alternative measures countries can take to prevent further deaths should the current measures being used to combat COVID-19 fail. 
  • ReferenceKenyon, T. (2021, February 2). The One Thing We Must Get Right Before the Next Pandemic. Project Hope. Retrieved from https://www.projecthope

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