Six Important Areas that Are Part of The Iron Triangle Discussion

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Question 1

Your book talks about the “Scope Triangle” (on Page 40) or the Iron Triangle.
Question 1: Your book addresses six areas that are part of the iron triangle –  

  1. Describe each of the areas included in the iron triangle
  2. Of the six which areas do you feel are the most important and why? 

Question 2: You are managing a project and your sponsor has given the following constraints: 

  1. The project must be completed in 2 months
  2. The project must include 7 core pieces of scope
  3. The project must stay within 1 million dollars

What concerns do you have with the three constraints above and how do you proceed? 

Question 2

  1. Using PolicyMap,  enter your zip code assigned to your residence, investigate areas of  interest in your local community related to health determinants, which  include the complex interrelationships of factors, such as the social  and economic environment, the physical environment, and individual  characteristics and behaviors that influence health. 
  2. Identify a  gap in services you believe is a priority need for resolution. Have fun  exploring your neighborhood data and pick a gap you find most  interesting, as this choice will shape your White Paper.

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