sentence outline and thesis statement

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From a Research Question to a Thesis

Until this point, you have been working from a research question. Since your research is done, you should now have some answers. It is now time to work your research question into a statement with supporting details:

My research Question: What are the primary ways of decreasing recidivism in women offenders who have substance abuse issues?

The next step is to work on organizing your sources to support your thesis statement. Consider what are you trying to answer and how you will support it. Using a pre-drafting technique like a mind map or a free write is recommended if you’re feeling stuck. Remember that your sources are your support… your voice should be the driving force of the paper, with your research acting like your back-up vocalists.

Lesson 10 Assignment

Sentence Outline

For this assignment write a clearly formatted sentence outline following the guidelines in the Sample Outline (attached).

  • Remember to use complete sentences. This outline will serve as a precursor to a complete draft.
  • Remember to provide a title for your intended paper and cite any sources you use according to MLA style. Check out the “Citation Help”page in the ENG101&102 Research Guide to review correctly formatted sample citations and to learn about tools that will generate citations for you!
  • The length of this assignment will vary, but most outlines will range between 4-5 pages. It is OK to single-space your outline.

My proposal essay is also attached as well as my annotated bibliography for reference.

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