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1. “Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Protection” Please respond to the following:

Based on your learning this week, pick a company you’ve heard of from the financial news today. Just go to finance or and take a look at a company. Even large companies that are in the news have threats from social engineering. What do you think makes the company you chose particularly vulnerable to social engineering? Where are the threats? How do you think the company got to be well-known while balancing the need for participation in the Internet with security measures needed to protect the company’s assets? In other words, how do you think the company allows freedom of the employees to use the power of the internet to strengthen the company, while still having policies and procedures in place to minimize the threats of hackers?

2. “Workplace Monitoring” Please respond to the following:

Companies invest in human capital as well as computer infrastructure employees use to make money for the company. As you’ve learned this week, some companies monitor employees activities. What degree of monitoring do you think is appropriate? Why do you feel this way? Additionally, what did you learn was actually legal? What factors affect the legality of workplace monitoring based on your learning about the American legal system this week?

3. “Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Compromised ” Please respond to the following:

Your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is out there. Since people want to avail themselves of various business opportunities, and companies require knowing you are you before they will conduct business, there must be a way to make sure they’re actually talking to you before allowing their product or service to be exposed. What is the primary way you safeguarded your PII before you took this class? Now that you’ve done your learning for this week, will you be making any changes? Share your thoughts with the class. FERPA protects your privacy in the educational arena. What have your experiences been with this law? Have you found it too difficult to conduct your college experience due to FERPA, or do you think FERPA isn’t stringent enough?

4. “Corporate Fraud” Please respond to the following:

As we’ve examined this week, legislation centers mostly around fraud in the corporate arena when it comes to technology. The government seems to want to ensure businesses are operating honestly. Search the web for an example of corporate fraud in the news in the past few years. A good search term is SOX. Read about what the company was doing that was considered fraud. Beyond the law, describe how you feel the company was behaving. Were they doing the right thing by all the people involved? Employees, customers, shareholders, the general public, etc. Can you think of a way a company may intend to do the right thing, but wind up on the wrong side of the law? Be sure to share your complete URL to the article with your post so interested classmates can go right to your article.

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