save the world with a toilet

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  • Sanitation and safe water availability are closely allied. A critical need is for better access to safe human waste disposal.
  • Both the poor and rich are affected by a lack of access to sanitary waste disposal. Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, did not have access to a sewage system when it was completed, which meant all of the wastewater had to be trucked away every day. See:
  • Inadequate access to toilet facilities impacts education access for young women in developing countries, with serious social impacts, as education of girls is one of the more important factors in reducing poverty. (World Toilet, 2014)


  1. Research issues on toilet usage, including access, maintenance, and sociological factors. For example: (Attached to the assignment)

a. What are some of the sociological factors affecting toilet use and design?

requires 4 resources: only one of the attached. a web page (not news), a scientific article (google scholar) and a news article.

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