San Jose State University Attend Public Policy Board Meeting Discussion

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This assignment requires each student to identify a meeting of a public legislative group (i.e., a meeting of a public Advisory Board or Commission, a City Council meeting, School Board Meeting, County Board of Supervisors’ Meeting, a Juvenile Justice Committee, a State Legislative Committee Meeting, Congressional Committee Meeting, or a Board Meeting of a Community Agency that provides social services — not many private agencies allow the public to attend their meetings). Write up a report of your observations.

In your report describe what type of meeting you attended; identify what was on the agenda, identify which issue you were focused on for this assignment, describe the decision that the board members were focused on making, what were the respective concerns? What was you assessment of the merits of the respective arguments? What would be the implications of the respective arguments? What decision did the policy group eventual make? Use VIBES (Ellis, 2002) to describe the policy issue you were monitoring.

FINALLY: Take a Screenshot of the Agenda — and then save it to your device — and then download a copy of the agenda as the last page of your assignment.

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