San Diego State University Social Science Questions

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The culminating project for Food and Culture is a 7-page research paper of your choice. You may choose a topic that we are exploring in class or an area of personal or academic interest. A sample list of the types of topics is provided below. These topics are merely meant to give you an idea of the vast possibilities. Whatever topic you select, it must be original. By this, I mean that you may not select a topic that you are using, or have previously used for another class. Try to select a topic as soon as possible, and contact me with me your ideas.

Create a clearly stated thesis, and focus the entire paper around it. Provide specific examples to support this thesis. Select other studies, or scholarly articles (peer reviewed) to use as models. For example, if you are doing a study on female roles in Ethiopian festival cooking, look for studies that also focus on gender roles or festival food preparations. It is important that you incorporate other academic studies into your paper. You must not just cite these sources, but frame them, or compare them to your study in some way. Provide a critical analysis of your selected topic, involving information from the course materials.

I suggest beginning with a thorough search in the APUS library, for any and all material related to your topic of interest. Explore the Internet, newspaper articles, journals, live interviews, participate in an actual event or situation, or consult archives. Please include at least FIVE scholarly references (journals or books).

Proofread the paper for grammatical and citation errors. Cite all original quotes and paraphrased information. Please use the APA style and make sure that you consult an online style manual for the exact way to reference materials.

Sample topics:

. Exploring a particular ethnic group’s foodways

. Specific religious practices and food

. An in-depth study of a food event or festival

. An ethnographic study of a soup kitchen

. A literary analysis of food related novels or films

. A cultural analysis of veganism

. Cultural identity through street food

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