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Scenario: You have just been hired by (hypothetical) as its first sales manager. You have been hired to create the sales function for the firm; hire, train and motivate the sales force; determine the goals of the sales function; and achieve success for the new sales function. ChicagoDeals is a daily deal site focused exclusively on the Chicagoland area including the six county metropolitan Chicago area, NW Indiana and SE Wisconsin. The site is similar to Groupon, Google Offers and in offering deals on a daily basis based upon relationships with retailers. The deals are for people in the area that sign up at the new website, (hypothetical website)

As the new sales manager your objective is to continuously come up with great deals for consumers in the following categories; restaurants; consumer services; and retail (products). Deals should eventually be on a par with Groupon in this regard in terms of volume (number of deals offered daily) and one of the key differences will be a higher level of participation by traditional retail stores, not just restaurants or beauty salons/fitness centers. You want to make deals that are financially attractive to the small-mid-sized retailer. The management team has requested that you put a sales plan together and to make your presentation. A sales plan of this nature must include at the minimum:

1. Statement of your sales objectives for the new company over certain time periods. 2017- 2018 would be most appropriate

2. Statement of how you would create a sales position that would help make your sales team successful in the competitive business of business deals.

3. Sales Territory Plan including number of sales people required initially and coverage areas. Will you use strictly outside sales people or some combination of inside and outside sales. Explain your structure and rationale clearly… A coverage map is required also. Growth plans and thinking for the long-term in this regard would also be appropriate. Also, what kind of back office team will you need to support the sales staff? What activities will this back office staff conduct?

4. Profile the type of person who will be sought for the sales positions.

5. How will you recruit these individuals? Where do you expect to find them?

6. What criteria will you use to make your selections?

7. What salary and overall compensation plan will you want management to approve in order to get the right people, and keep the right people?

8. What additional ideas do you have to keep the team motivated? This is a start-up so there will be lots of initial ground to go over and the company will have to prove itself in the marketplace.

9. Develop an initial forecast of deals developed per salesperson per month. What kind of goals do you expect in 6 months, one year, etc?

10. What expenses will be required to cover the sales activity per salesperson? What is the break-even point here?

11. How will you gauge overall performance (See no.9)? Goals will certainly include deals closed but how about the overall relationship with clients? Will you look at contact made (suspects), interest developed (prospects) and deals done (customers)? Any other methods? How will you handle customers lost? Why might you lose customers?

Management is looking forward to your ideas, your plan and your overall budget. Please prepare your plan in PowerPoint’s. Your plan should be a minimum of 15 PowerPoint slides and no more than 25 PowerPoint slides.

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